The Basic Book Arabic language – level 4


The importance of this approche is illustrated bellow :
Reading and Comprehension :

improve the cogniture,intellectual and sensory level of the student through give him sets of interesting texts related to the reality of the student and his social life to support this gool we use a set of skills as for as CDs to facilate for him knowing words,phrases and reading. This helps him to understand and answer applications associated with each lesson.
Expression and conversation:make the student able to correct sentences in structure and meaning based on many sensory and mental skills.
Language developement:student has acquired a lots of vocabularies includes singular and plural , the word and by both its meaning and its opposite .
Rules and Dictation:We have devoted an independent book to grammar ,morphology and dictation in response to the desire of many teachers and educators in recognition of the importance of these materials and linked them with the basic book.Our goal is to make the student able to use grammatical and morphological patterns when wrinting and speaking .